What is the Walgreens Listens survey Code and Where Can I Find it?

Are you a frequent shopper at Walgreens? Did you know that you can provide feedback on your experience and be rewarded for it too? The Walgreens listens to surveys and allows customers to give honest reviews about their shopping experiences. Here, we will discuss how to complete the survey and find your survey code.

What is the Walgreens Listens survey Code and Where Can I Find it?

The survey code is an alphanumeric combination of letters and numbers that customers need in order to enter the survey. This code can be found on the bottom of your store receipt, near the barcode. It should be a 13-digit code, beginning with “W”. This unique code allows Walgreens to recognize each customer’s survey responses as individual entries.

Where Can I Find My Survey Code?

The survey code can be found on your store receipt from any Walgreens location. It should appear near the bottom of the receipt, next to a barcode. If you cannot find it there, please contact customer service and they will help you locate it.

How Do I Complete the Survey?

Once you have located your survey code, visit the official website at www.walgreenslistens.com and enter it into the required field. Next, answer all questions honestly and thoroughly so that Walgreens can use your feedback for future improvements in its stores. Finally, submit your responses and take advantage of any offers or discounts that may be presented to you for completing the survey!


The WalGreenslistens survey provides customers with an opportunity to share their honest opinions about their shopping experiences with one of America’s favorite pharmacies. Customers are rewarded for completing this brief questionnaire by being offered special discounts or promotions from time to time! The 13-digit survey code can easily be found on your store receipt near the barcode – just make sure that you enter it correctly when prompted! Thank you for considering taking part in this important feedback initiative.

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