WalgreensListens Survey – www.walgreenslistens.com

Walgreenlistens welcomes you to its site www.walgreenslistens.com/survey and appreciates you for becoming a part of this survey.

Walgreens is an American company serving customers with health and wellness products. Walgreens is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies and strives hard to satisfy its customers.

Walgreenslistens is a customer satisfaction survey designed to get reviews and suggestions from its customers. This survey helps Walgreens know which areas need improvement and how they can upgrade their services. This will help the company stand out in its services and compete with its competitors.

Walgreens customer service offers rewards for the customers that participate in the Walgreenslistens survey. Participants can win $3000 cash and gift prizes from this survey.

We hope you will enjoy your way through the survey journey.



Taking the www.walgreenslistens.com survey is kids’ stuff. We are here to help you get along with the study and provide you with steps you can follow. Don’t forget that you should be a resident of the USA.

WalgreensListens Survey

First of all, you need to purchase from Walgreens and have a receipt for it. This receipt contains the survey ID and password required to proceed with the survey.

Now, visit the official website of www.walgreenslistens.com.

A new window will appear that will like you to make a language choice. Choose English or Spanish according to your understanding.

Now some boxes will appear that will ask for your survey code, password, and date and time of purchase. All these will be mentioned on your receipt; you just have to enter.

After entering these credentials, a series of questions will appear. To answer these questions is a walk in a park.

Answer the questions honestly. It will hardly take ten minutes to complete the survey if you have a stable internet connection.

At the end of the survey, you will be provided with a validation code. This code is your entry to Walsgreeens sweepstakes and will help you claim $3000 cash and gift vouchers.


If you do not want to opt for the online survey method and take the survey without any purchase, this method is best for you. You will need a telephone or smartphone, and everything will be good.

Dial 1-800-219-7451 with your telephone or smartphone.

Now an automated response from the other side will entertain you further.

You will be asked questions about the survey, and you have to answer them by dialing specific numbers.

At the end of the survey, you will automatically be registered for the Walgreenslistens sweepstakes.

In this way, you can enter the Walgreenslistens sweepstakes without any purchase.


The mailing method is the easiest of all. It involves the following steps:

Take a 3”x5” postcard and write your credentials, such as full name, address, and phone number.

Now you can send this paper to the following address:

“Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, Dept-S7592 P.O. Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.”