How Long Does the Walgreens Listens Survey Take to Complete?

If you’ve ever been to a Walgreens store, chances are you’ve heard about their customer feedback survey, also known as “Walgreens Listens.” But How Long Does the Walgreens Listens Survey Take to Complete? It’s an online survey designed to help the company better understand how customers feel about their experiences.  Let’s take a look.

How Long Does the Walgreens Listens Survey Take to Complete?

The Walgreens Listens survey typically takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey consists of questions related to your experience at the store such as overall satisfaction with customer service, cleanliness of the store, and product availability. Depending on your answers, additional questions may be asked in order to get more detailed feedback.

The survey is completely anonymous so you don’t need to worry about providing any personal information. Once you have completed all of the questions and submitted your answers, you will receive a validation code that can be used for discounts or special offers at participating Walgreens stores. This code is valid for 30 days after taking the survey and must be printed out or saved in order to use it in-store.

Tips For Taking The Survey Quickly And Easily

• Read each question carefully before answering – this will save you time in the long run as you won’t have to go back and re-read anything.

• Be honest when answering questions – this will ensure that your feedback is accurate and helpful for Walgreens.

• Have all of the required information ready before beginning – this includes any purchase receipts or other documents needed for verification purposes.

• Don’t rush through the survey – take your time and make sure that all of your answers are accurate and complete.

• Make sure your internet connection is working properly – this will prevent any issues with submitting your responses or receiving a validation code upon completion of the survey.


To sum up, completing the WalGreenslistens survey should only take around 10-15 minutes depending on how detailed your answers are and whether any additional questions are asked based on them. Just remember to read each question carefully before answering, be honest with your responses, have all necessary documents ready beforehand, don’t rush through it, and make sure that you have a good internet connection when taking it! Doing so will help ensure that you get an accurate validation code upon completion which can then be used for discounts or special offers at participating stores.

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